Guru Teaching/Coaching Workshop 15 Video Now Available

Guru Workshop 15

Guru Workshop 15

I know it has been a couple of months but I finally have the videos of my “Guru Workshop 15” edited and uploaded. This was a great day in which over 70 golf professionals and college coaches came together at my home, Carmel CC and watched and learned from a star-studded cast of presenters that included: Cameron McCormick, myself, Kirk Oguri, James Ridyard, John Graham and James Hong. The presentations and information were outstanding and the day ended with James Ridyard giving 2 wedge lessons for the group at the Carmel Golf Academy. Thanks to my outstanding staff, Josh Spragins, Maggie Simons and Seth Merz, the videos came out great and are now available to purchase for those who couldn’t make it this year. It includes: James Ridyards private lessons,  James Hong’s Brian Manzella impression, My multi-color vineyard vine shirt and my always overuse of the word “deal”, Kirk Oguris Ninja wedge skills and his beautiful hair and Cameron’s video of Jordan Spieth as a 12 year old and his incredible vocabulary:)

******Unfortunately due to  information that will appear in upcoming “Short Game Secrets” videos….John Graham and James Ridyard’s presentation will not be available. You will just have to go see them live or book them at your facility or you will just have to make sure you make it next year:)

guru workshop 15 speakers

The price for the  entire 7 hours of footage is $85.00

If you are interested, please email me at and you can pay through my paypal account. Here is a few clips of the all of the presenters so you can get a taste of how the product came out.

Due to the outstanding feed back from this years workshop, I will be hosting and presenting another one next year at about the same time so I hope that you will be able to make it as I plan on making it bigger and better (If that is possible) but I have an idea that might just blow you away! Have a great 2015




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My Interview with Virgil Herring on Golf Talk America (Archive)

This is an interview that I did with Virgil on 104.5 thezone where we discuss the biggest myth in putting and also Tiger Woods and Chris Como. Mind you,this was in December of last year so don’t beat me up too bad if Tiger doesn’t make it back but I am still optimistic. I hope you enjoy! and leave your comments at the bottom.

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Carolinas PGA Presentation – Teaching w/ Trackman


Thank you for reading my blog and watching the videos that I post. This is a presentation on the basics of how I teach with Trackman that I did for about 60 area golf professionals. My staff, Maggie Simons (@maggiesimons) and Josh Spragins (@joshspragins) presented as well and did an outstanding job. This is very basic information for most teachers but could be great for new coaches or students that might be interested in some of the information that Trackman and an expert teacher can provide. I wish I had the last 45 minutes where I show you how I change AOA, how I move my students into creating a feel and a little wedge information that I learned from James Ridyard and Andrew Rice but th camera battery went dead. I also did a presentation on how I teach putting and how I test my players that I will see if it was recorded and post if it came out. I already posted this on twitter but I wanted to get it on my website so if you already have seen it I understand. As always, leave comments or questions below. My talk will be a little more in depth at the Guru’s Workshop on March 23rd, so I hope you can join me and my friends for a great day.



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My Friday Foursome Interview on Google+ with Ricky Potts

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My Interview With Marty Griffin and Golf Strategy School


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Gurus 2014 Top Teacher Twitter List

downloadAnother great year has flown by and I hope you have had time for reflection and have taken some time off to recharge. For me its been a great year of learning, growing in many areas of my life and hard work. New relationships were formed and current ones were made stronger which is what it’s all about. When my time on this earth is finished, I hope that my legacy wont be remembered by the material things, awards or lists that I might have made BUT by the relationships that I have built and other people who I have affected in a positive way. As Zig Ziglar says,”If you can help as many other people get what they want, you can have everything that you want…If you are interested” We don’t do nice things for other people to get something in return or for what you GET but because it is the right thing to do as a person and for what you BECOME. So many of you on this list I can now call a good friend and it all started here on “twitter.” I have learned so much and it has created so many opportunities for all of us. Before I get to the new inductees of the Top Teacher Twitter List I want to give a shout out to my amazing staff for without you I would be nothing. Maggie Simons, who just made top 50 US Kids instructor has done an amazing job this year stepping in as junior golf leader. I am so proud of your growth as an instructor and big things are ahead.  Hard to believe that we could grow anymore but we did. With the help of Ryan Dailey and Matt Reagan, IGROW junior golf has taken our program to another level. I recommend you check this out as it is a definite game changer. Also congrats to Matt Reagan for winning the Youth Development Award for the Carolinas PGA section. Back to back for the IGROW team. Great to see your hard work paying off. Secondly, my addition of Josh Spragins has been a home run. If I haven’t learned anything over the years it been how to hire great people and Josh is no exception. He is going to be a superstar and brings a wealth of knowledge to our team with a great work ethic. If you are down at the show or visit the club, I hope that you get to meet Josh. Now I have to get him tweeting more :)….which is job requirement when you work for me.images (1)


To highlight individuals that are ACTIVE on twitter and doing the following: 1) sharing quality content 2) engaging with other coaches and golfers…which means answering tweets, using debate in a healthy way (no bashing other teachers) 3) promoting and lifting up other coaches to improve and recognizing good work

Requirement to qualify for the list You must have at least 3000 tweets. Next year it will be 4000 so if you didn’t make the list, get to tweeting. Make it a goal next year to reach out to these people and learn from them. Click on their names, follow them and add them to your lists. Thanks for all your support this year and I hope to see everyone in Orlando for #tweetup15!twitter 4

Congratulations to our 16 new inductees to this years list. There were a few that were just short that I feel will make it next year and will receive honorable mention……. Also there were a few that were on last years list that didn’t make the 3000 that are on probation:)

  • James Hong                         @jameshonggolf                 5461
  • Brandon Roby                      @brobypga                          4090
  • Allen Burton                          @docattherock                   3015
  • Preston Combs                      @pcombs21                        5016
  • Rodd Slater                              @roddslaterpga                  5071
  • Brandi Jackson                      @bjacksongolf                  5512
  • Jeff Pierce                                @thejeffbhf                      4329
  • Martin Park                             @parkythepro                 17,100
  • Jason Birnbaum                     @birnbaumgolf               3247
  • Jason Guss                                @jasongussgolf              3381
  • Phil Kenyon                              @swashputting               6552
  • Tom Motley                               @motleygolf                   12,300
  • Sarah Bennett                           @sbennettgolf                3396
  • Peter Brown                               @zippybrown2               9976
  • Frank Guastella                        @fgcards                        6314
  • Maggie Simons                         @maggiesimons            3071


twitter 3hashtag





  • Steven Giuliano                                        4216
  • Mark Russo                                                6454
  • Jeff Smith                                                  4137
  • Mario Bevilacqua                                     3617
  • Jim Ragland                                             4800
  • Kandi Comer                                           5158
  • Mark Strong                                             3363
  • Virgil Herring                                           5466
  • Brad Myers                                               18,400
  • Bill Devore                                                8210
  • Andrew Steep                                           13,900
  • Steven McDaniel                                     6914
  • Joe Jezzard                                             6474
  • Steven Aumock                                        4985
  • Martin Chuck                                           3738
  • Steve Dresser                                           5710
  • Bill Schmedes                                           3442
  • Todd Halpen                                          22000                                                                                                
  • John Graham                @johngrahamgolf                   68.6K
  • Sara Dickson                 @sara_pga                               28.2k
  • Jason Helman              8219
  • Rob McGill                     @golfprorob                           12.7K
  • Kirk Oguri                      @kirkoguri                              24.4K
  • Andrew Marr                 @andrewmarrgolf                 10.8K
  • Dennis Sales                   @dennissalesgolf                   14.5K
  • Andrew Rice                   @andrewricegolf                   8115
  • Mike Fay                          @mikefaygolf                       15.4K
  • James Ridyard                @jamesridyard                    14.2K
  • Vikki Vanderpool           @vvanderpool                      7168
  • Mark Sweeney                 @aimpointgolf                      5933
  • Brad Redding                  @bradreddinggolf                   7268
  • Ed Bowe                            @bowegolf                              7392
  • Mark Durland                  @durlandgolf                         4503
  • Andy Griffith                    @andygriffiths1                      7574
  • Ryan Chaney                     @oraclerio                              15.6K
  • Rick Grayson                    @rickgraysongolf                   5977
  • Ryan Crysler                      @ryancrysler                       21.5K
  • Josh Boggs                         @boggspga                           4004
  • Hugh Marr                          @hughmarr                        6000
  • Erik Barzeski                     @iacas                                   8538
  • Mitch Walz                         @walzygolf                            8455
  • Robert Campbell               @rcampbellgolf                     2779
  • Petri Parviainen                 @piiter77                              11000
  • Ian Peek                               @ianpeekgolf                        9269
  • Jamie Donalson                 @golfdonaldson                    9675
  • Keith Stewart                      @kjpga                                  4270
  • Matt Diederichs                  @mattdgolf                        24.5K
  • Blake Graham                     @blakegrahampga               19.6K
  • Denise Hastings                  @hastingsgolf                       2729
  • Brett Packee                         @brettpackeegolf                6610
  • Joe Mayo                             @trackmanmaestro             10.8K
  • George Connor                   @connorgolf                        4098
  • Denis Pugh                          @Dpugh54                         5803
  • Derek Hooper                     @derekhoopergolf              3173
  • TJ Yeaton                             @tjyeatongolf                    3597
  • Chris Gibson                        @chrisgibsongolf               5094
  • Jesse Struebing                   @jstruebs                             7700
  • Kate Tempesta                     @KTUrbangolf                 3390
  • Andy Gordon                       @andygordongolf              4821
  • Martin Park                          @parkythepro                   17100
  • Kevin Flynn                          @kflypga                            8494
  • James Martin                       @James_W_martin         3106
  • Meindert Jan Boekel          @BKLGolf                           6030
  • Donal Scott                           @donalscott                        5723
  • Michael Balderstone            @mjbalderstone           3274

Here are a few amateurs that are doing a great job of growing the game through social media:

google plus1. Ricky Lee Potts@rickyleepotts aside from the many talks that he has given at PGA shows and such about how to use social media, he is leading the way with his incredible Google + Golf (almost 15,000 members) group. He utilizes the group to promote teaching professionals with his Friday Foursome hangouts as well as sharing information with golfers all over the world

golf progress2. Nick Chertock –  @golfprogress. Nick is an avid golfer that has started several groups on Facebook including the most popular (Golf Teaching Professionals) group which attracted over 3000 members/teaching pros to the first LIVE forum at the PGA show. This year is number 3 and should be worth checking into.  You don’t want to miss this years as it is going to be awesome.

top_dplane_3002. Rich Hunt – @richie3jack  Rich is doing some incredible analysis on PGA tour stats that is changing the way golfers and pros are thinking about different parts of the game. Make sure you get his 2014 golf synopsis that can be found on his twitter page.

Sports Psychologists – Dr. Bhrett McCabe, PHD , Andy Morrison

images (3)

Up and Coming Twitter Coaches (Guys and Girls that have alot to share and need to tweet more)

Josh Jeffers, Corey Lundberg, Megan Padua, Josh Spragins, Eric Corgorno, Tim Cooke, Scott Chisholm, Tom Stickney, Cameron McCormick, Adam Ohsberg

Thanks so much for reading and feel free to share!

Guru             @golfgurutv                  17.6K


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Guru’s Teaching and Coaching Workshop (Presenters Lineup )

I am happy to host and present at the 4th annual “Guru’s Teaching and Coaching Workshop” at Carmel CC. This years event will be on Monday, March 23rd and the entry fee will be $225.00. DSC_0213

My goal has always been to provide you with the best and most current information from the top coaches in the country at an affordable price. I started this workshop 4 years ago when I presented all by myself and every year I have added some of the best instructors in the business to share their ideas and what makes them successful. This will be an outstanding day of learning and networking that I hope you can take advantage of. DSC_0340As you know if you attended last year, we don’t stop when the seminar is over……The after pre-game and after party allows you to get up close and meet the presenters and all of the top coaches that attend. This is a great way to meet new people in the industry, ask questions and build your learning base to get the year started out right. So without further delay……Here is our lineup of presenters for #guruworkshop15


Cameron McCormick


 Cameron McCormick began coaching golf in his home country of Australia in

1998. Moving to the United States in 2000 he brought with him the coaching
principles honed under the tutelage of the Victorian Institute of Sport coaches.
With a background in competitive golf, both collegiate, amateur and
professionally; in addition to knowledge in the biomechanics, motor learning and
psychology domains, Cameron has developed a national reputation as a sought
after coach to players at, or aspiring to, high levels of competitive mastery.
McCormick’s client list covers the gamut from beginner to elite players.
He is most well-known for coaching PGA Tour winner and 2013 PGA Tour
Rookie of the Year, Jordan Spieth since the age of 12. His clients, past and
present, include over 20 PGA, and LPGA Tour players & 3 of the last 6
USGA Junior Amateur champions.
McCormick is a PGA Class A professional with TPI certification in Fitness, Junior
Golf and Biomechanics; and has had his instruction articles published in Golf
Digest, DFW Links Magazine, Golf Illustrated, PGA Magazine and FORE Texas
He is the Director of Instruction at the historic Brook Hollow Golf Club in Dallas,
Texas. He is a Golf Digest Top 40 under 40 from 2010-2013, a US Kids Master
Kids Coach and in 2007 and 2013 he was named the North Texas PGA’s
Teacher of the Year.

Workshop Topic: Performance: Navigating the path to success from ignition to achievement

John Graham

  • Senior AimPoint Green Reading Specialist
  • Full- Time Putting Coach
  • Works with Several PGA andLPGA Tour Players including TrevorImmelman, Charles Howell, JamieLovemark, KrisTumilis and Mark Wilson


    John Graham

  • Partners with James Ridyard in the Short Game Secrets video series and Golf Schools
  • Has been featured on many radio shows and podcasts talking putting instruction and green reading

Workshop Topic: Putting Strategies and Drills when working with Tour Players and Elite Golfers



James Hong

  • National Advisor, Future Champions Golf Junior Tour

    James Hong

    James Hong

  • 2014 GRAA Top 50 Teacher in America & 2012 US Kids Golf Top 50 Lifetime Master Teacher
  • Nominated Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers list
  • Over 193 tournament wins by past and present students, both juniors and adults
  • Certifications include: TPI Level 2 Adult & Junior Coaching, US Kids Golf instructor, K-Vest 3D Biomechanics.
  • Media credits: Golf Channel Swing Fix Instructor, Athlete Nation Online Instructor and Golfing Magazine.

Workshop Topic: Training and Developing Junior Golfers

Kirk Oguri

  • Golf Professional/Club Specialist at The Greens at Half Hollow

    Kirk Oguri

    Kirk Oguri

  • Master Teacher/Club Fitter at Petes Golf Shop
  • Top 100 Club Fitter – Golf Digest
  • Top Player in the Met Section

                                                        Workshop Topic: Blending Instruction and Club                                Fitting to increase your value and grow your                                                 business



James Ridyard

  • specialist in golf performance, consulting, research and recent addition to the 2015
    JR pic

    James Ridyard

    James-RidyardPGA of America Teaching & Coaching Summit list of speakers.

  • Co-Founder with John Graham of Short Game Secrets golf schools and DVD Series
  • Specializes in short game and wedge play with cutting edge research to back it up
  • James has been fortunate enough to meet many inspiring individuals who have shaped his skills to the point we find today, the quest for personal development is ongoing however and will continue indefinitely. With past and current clients from the European Tour, Ladies European Tour, LPGA and experience on the PGA Tour James has a proven ability at the highest level to instil positive change in his players.James’ journey began as an Assistant Professional at The Bedfordshire Golf Club in 2000, an aspiring player he continued to compete throughout his PGA training period gaining qualification in 2004. A move to Orlando soon followed in order to hone his game and compete as much as possible. It was during this time that the urge to research the golf swing and the teaching of it really grew through his own struggles with form vs function.On his return to the UK he knew playing at the highest level was beyond him and started to dig for answers. This process took in many different countries, coaches and teaching philosophies. It’s fair to say that the most influential people James has met with regards to teaching the golf swing are Mike Bennett & Andy Plummer, not only for what they teach but the way the golf swing is looked at. This structure is what allowed James to pursue his research into the short game and put this research into a simple, understandable format.While continuing to research and develop himself and his ideas James takes great pride in providing the highest level of full swing and short game coaching available, something you can be sure of is that no stone will be left unturned in helping you achieve your potential.

Workshop Topic: What the best wedge players in the world are doing and how to use this information to help your players (Wedges Research and Using the Sprectrum for short game success)

Finally, a little about myself

Jason Sutton

  • Director of Instruction at Carmel CC in Charlotte, NCheadshot
  • Has been teaching golf for 23 years
  • 2013 Carolinas PGA Section Teacher of the Year
  • Ranked #7 in the State of NC by Golf Digest 2013
  • Ranked #9 in the State of NC by Golf Digest 2009
  • Nominated 4 times to Golf Magazine top 100 list
  • AimPoint Certified since 2011
  • Teaches with Trackman, SAM Putt Lab and BodiTrak
  • Teaches numerous Mini tour,, Symetra Tour, Top amateurs and elite juniors
  • Have been featured on radio shows such as: XM PGA Tour Radio (Dewsweepers golf show with Tony Ruggerio, Maginnes of Tap with John Maginnes) Global Golf Radio with Virgil Herring and Ned Michaels- 104.5)

Workshop Topic: How to fix your students most common full swing and putting issues (including my fix for the yips)

I feel like we have an outstanding lineup for this years workshop. These are all friends of mine in which I have learned so much from over the years and I am glad to be able to bring them to Carmel so you can learn and interact with them as well.

To reserve your spot: email me at Once you sign up, you will recieve an invoice to pay your entry. The first 100 paid entry fees get in!

Please use one of the share features at the bottom to share this article and follow us on twitter

@golfgurutv @johngrahamgolf @cmcCormickgolf @jameshonggolf @jamesridyard @kirkoguri 


See you soon,



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