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GURU TV – “The Kure Putting Solution”: Training Aid Review with Special Guest:LPGA Teaching Professional, Nancy Harvey

I would like to welcome one of my fellow teaching professionals, Nancy Harvey to Guru TV. She is an outstanding teacher and coach and I am fortunate to be able to teach with her every day. I promised all of … Continue reading

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I Have “The Kure” In my hands. Who Needs A Putting Lesson?

If you read the previous post and and watched the video, you already know that I have purchased a new training aid called “The Kure”. I have taken it out of the box and started to mess with it in … Continue reading

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The Kure putting solution is a new training aid that I discovered from one of my students. I am always trying to find new toys and gadgets that will help my students improve. Putting is one of the most important … Continue reading

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Guru TV – Interval Training for Swing Plane and Impact: Guru Style

I think impact is a very difficult thing to teach and to work on. As you have seen in previous videos, I have laid out a progression of drills to help you to develop the skill of creating a flat … Continue reading

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GURU TV -Orange Whip Training Aid Review –; click to view the website Enjoy the video and please share your orange whip stories. See you on the lesson tee, Guru

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GURU TV – PIVOT PRO TRAINING AID REVIEW click here to check out the site Training aids are great but nothing can replace my favorite training aid (my bare hands). There is no substitute for the guru manipulating the club into the correct positons and creating the … Continue reading

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P.G.A. Show Update

Welcome to my first away game post. I am coming to you from the Orlando Airport as I wait on my flight back to Charlotte. It is now about 60 degrees and it looks like it is about 25 in … Continue reading

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Early Extension Drill

Here is a great drill that will help you if you tend to lose your spine angle in your downswing. This is when your hips thrust forward in your downswing and your upper body moves away from the ground.  This … Continue reading

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