Happy Thanksgiving Guru Nation: Black Friday Training Aids Ideas and Gifts for Your Golfer

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you golfers out there. This is my One Year anniversary of my blog (www.golfgurutv.com) and I am so thankful that you could be a part of helping me grow my community (Guru Nation). I hope that my posts and videos (Guru TV) have helpful and inspiring for your golf game. I am in the process of coming up with ways to improve my TV show and the overall way to promote the site in an attempt to reach more golfers around the world, so stay tuned as I try to make 2011 the best golfing year of your lives. I am often asked what my favorite training aids are and also what I am using in my teaching. As Black Friday approaches and Christmas shopping starts, here are a couple that I highly recommend you take advantage of for your golfing friends and spouses. Use the PROMO CODES and take advantage of some nice discounts. Here is my Christmas list and some archive videos to explain how they work. Enjoy and Happy Holidays to everyone.

The Kure Putting Solution : The best putting training aid on the market (promo code: 1.888.952.PUTT: USE DISCOUNT CODE PCD10231)

The Orange Whip: Great for off-season workouts and maintaining sequence and tempo in your golf swing (Use Promo code: GURU)

The Pivot Pro : Great for you lower body swayers

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To see these training aid in action, join me on the lesson tee by calling 704-542-7635 or visit our website @danarader.com


About jasonsutton

I am a P.G.A . Director of Instruction at Carmel Country Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. 2013 Carolinas PGA Teacher of the Year. I am an AimPoint Green Reading Certified Instructior, K-Vest certified, A certified Coutour Putter fitter, D-Plane certified. I am a christian, married with 2 children. I love to flyfish and am an avid runner
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3 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving Guru Nation: Black Friday Training Aids Ideas and Gifts for Your Golfer

  1. Steve Nelson says:

    The Kure works! I have worked on my putting for years and I was at best an average putter. On a good puttting day I would have no three putts and probably 30-32 putts for the round. After working with The Kure in my last lesson I decided to purchase one for myself. I practiced with the The Kure for three nights and played my first round of golf today…. and the results were outstanding! I had a career low 26 putts in my round today. Thanks to Jason for hooking up guru nation with a quality product that really works.


  2. Hey,
    With this blog you go through a bunch of of the more integral ideas.
    Simple to read through & full of very useful tips!
    Many thanks for posting Happy Thanksgiving Guru Nation: Black Friday Training Aids Ideas and Gifts for Your Golfer | Guru’s Golf Blog!


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