20 Days With the Guru: Day 5….My Christmas List: What Do You Want Under Your Golfing Tree?

As the P.G.A. Tour schedule wind down and we have time to catch our breath, we should all find a quiet place to help us think. So what should we think about. What should we dream about. Should we look back on the past season of golf? Should we dare look ahead to the next year and want we want. The answer is YES, YES AND DID I MENTION YES. I don’t know where I find you in your golfing career. Some of you may be contemplating whether to play for a living. Some of you might be finishing up a college career (like the young Englishman that I gave a lesson to today), A few of you are looking to break new scoring barriers such as 90 or 80 and some might be just getting started with this great game. Regardless of where you are in golf, as long as you in it. That is what is important. As the stats reveal every year, there are just as many golfers leave the game as there are taking it up…..I am here to try to inspire you to embrace golf as you would your favorite blanket and let’s dream big for 2011. So what do you want Santa Guru to bring you for Christmas this year? Let me share my list of the 12 things I want under my tree:

12 new students with a passion for the game

11 junior golfers that want to play college golf

10 rounds of golf (compared to the 7 that I played this year)

9 new ideas about teaching and coaching that will help my students

8 flat lead wrists at impact

7 birdies on 9 holes with 6 putts

6 phone calls for people asking me to speak at their seminar or function

5 great book ideas for the winter that will help me grow

4 different major champions under 30 years old (including Ricky Fowler, please)

3 trips to top a top ten golf course (hopefully Augusta National if anyone is wondering)

2 P.G.A. Tour players to coach

1 Golf Magazine Top 100 List with my Name on it (It is spelled Jason E. Sutton)…..a guy can dream right

What can I do to help you reach your golfing dreams this upcoming year? I encourage all of you to evaluate your goals that you set this year, reflect, set goals for next year and develop a plan to get there. I would love to be a part of it.

If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.
Zig Ziglar

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See you on the lesson tee,

About jasonsutton

I am a P.G.A . Director of Instruction at Carmel Country Club in Charlotte, North Carolina. 2013 Carolinas PGA Teacher of the Year. I am an AimPoint Green Reading Certified Instructior, K-Vest certified, A certified Coutour Putter fitter, D-Plane certified. I am a christian, married with 2 children. I love to flyfish and am an avid runner
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